Shaking it up on FtB

So there’s a few people leaving Freethought Blogs. I’m sorry to see Greta Christina go, though for many of the rest who are following her to The Orbit–don’t let the door hit you on the way out, as they say. I haven’t read the majority of them after they thought dredging up years-old blog and Twitter posts by Ophelia Benson to damn her current beliefs and therefore her reputation was a just thing to do–especially since I had just gone through something similar at my work. The worker knew his time with us was coming to an end–and decided, since he had been able to fire one part-time staff member with lies, he could get me, a full-time, degreed supervisor, in the same way. Take me down with him. Problem? He had no access to my social media, so tried to threaten co-workers into finding out-of-context posts that had nothing to do with work and warping them to fit his narrative. Needless to say, I have little patience for that crap–and the presumptuous assholery that goes with it.

In many ways, the disappointment I felt about their behavior was typical. There was a time when I thought about getting more into the atheist community–and then Elevator-gate happened and I realized how sexist and irrational those who claimed to speak for this group were. They cared far more for keeping the status quo of white male athiest thought-police than they were in growing an inclusive movement. Dawkins, Harris, and their ilk were far more into justifying their hatred of whoever pissed them off that day than they were in any sort of community–at least a community that didn’t bow down to their superior (cough cough) intellectual white man grumblings. So be it. Not my thing.

I hope the new set of bloggers will restore a bit of my faith in blogging in general. I guess we’ll see. I got pretty excited to see so many new blogs. They are new voices to read (one mentioned being a long-time commenter. I don’t read comments, so I have no idea who they are. Guess I’ll find out). It’ll give me something to peruse until “NO, REALLY, BERNIE HAS TO WIN” dies.

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