Cannes-ntcha Wear Those Heels, Lady?

Apparently Cannes isn’t even trying to hide their sexism. If you’re a woman and you’re not in heels, you aren’t going to go to any red carpet screenings–even if you have medical issues that prevent you from wearing those atrocities.

I can’t wear heels without pain. I’ve had injuries that make wearing them hell, and it upsets me greatly that I still feel required to wear them for job interview and such, no matter the pain–because I have to look “professional” (as in, if you apply for our job and you aren’t experiencing pain duirng the interview, you don’t want it bad enough). Ophelia Benson likens wearing them to a mild form of foot bindind, and I can’t say I disagree, considerig how they make me feel.

So, what items of clothing are they going to decide men have to wear? Or are they only going to target the ladies because screw them?

Footwear is not only a fashion statement, it can be a medical necessity. I have a co-worker who needs to wear prescribed tennis shoes due to arthritic knees. Our place of work harrasses him constantly because he “doesn’t meet the dress code”, despite the fact he can’t afford the dress shoe prescription (couple hundred vs thousands of dollars). He doesn’t meet standards, prescription be damned. And that’s what Cannes said to older women in the same predicament. Our requirements are set in stone and there is no way you, with your prescription shoes, are going to be allowed to thwart them. If you aren’t sobbing in pain by the time you sit down, we aren’t doing our job right.

Sounds like Cannes is just as awful as the movies they show.

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