Yay! About to Turn On Our Solar Panels!

Apparently SoCal Edison is known for snail-slow acceptance of solar paperwork and we should expect to wait for about two months for the go-ahead to flip the switch and turn on the panels. That was how long it took the homeowner’s association to approve the plans. Ugh.

On the bright side, we’ll be getting solar! Eventually.

We paved our back yard (our front would be concrete too, but the HOA demands grass) so we’re saving on water big-time, and now we’ll be helping the environment even more by getting solar (and our checkbook. When Edison shut down their power plant last year, our electric bill spiked from around $120 to over $300. We don’t have a pool, and our outside lighting is solar. While we run the air conditioning, so what? WTF are we paying for??). We should go back down to $120 or less (likely less) once that switch is switched.

Overall, this has been a fairly painless procedure (trying to get the city inspector and the Solar City guy at the house at the same time was the difficult part). I highly recommend it for anyone who gets lots of sun.


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