Heina’s Doing The Right Thing

Heina Dadabhoy has pulled support from Sunday Assembly Los Angeles because they are sponsoring Michael Shermer. He’s on a book tour for “The Moral Arc”, where, apparently, he makes a case for logic = morality or something like that.

I’m not reading it. No one who has the past that Shermer has should even consider a book on morality. But, again, it hardly matters how many women speak up and out about his raping them, their voices don’t equal his lone one because he brings in money and they don’t. SALA said they don’t vet speakers, they only vet ideas, because then it doesn’t matter what the speakers have done, how shitty they are, how they’ve treated others, because the focus is on IDEAS.

So are the baby-raping priests going to be on your list of future speakers? Please. You’re having Shermer speak because his fan-boys will bring in the dough. I’d say it’s pathetic he still get this kind of support, but I’m a realist. Of course he does. He and his don’t think of women as human beings, and it’s pretty damn easy to dismiss little ants you’ve stepped on as unimportant.  If they squeal, well, now, you’re the big important skeptic man and who’s going to even think about questioning your authority?

I never read Shermer, or Dawkins, or Harris. I came to my opinions on my own. I don’t have any fan-girl starry-eyed awe to overcome (well, to be fair, I don’t starry-eye over anything) so when these men say stupid things, hurtful things, do terrible things, I’m not going to defend them (Dawkin’s ‘rape ain’t that bad’ and Harris’s contempt of women may not be rape, but it plays into the same ‘women are less’ thinking that allows Shermer’s despicable behavior to continue unabated). That seems to be the sticking point for too many, and it’s not just fans of Shermer. How about Cosby? Saville? Allen? Ghomeshi? Poundstone? (I remember when American Library Association had Poundstone speak after her arrest for child abuse. I was not impressed and felt her presence undermined the conference.)

As Jay Leno said about Cosby:

I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women. You go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25.

The truth is, when there’s power, fame and money involved, no one is going to chastise men for raping women. It’s going to get swept under the rug because a woman’s life is worth a lot less than a dollar.

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