No More Wikipedia, Even If It Makes My Life More Difficult

The Guardian posted this article talking about how Wikipedia banned five “feminist” editors from changing anything related to GamerGate or anything related to gender. Oh, and they banned GamerGate editors too–only those were accounts created to be banned, no ones actually active and used by GamerGate supporters.

Here we go again.

The tech industry dislikes women. It’s hard not to come to that conclusion over and over and over again. We have GamerGate assholes demanding Intel to pull ads from Gamasutra because a pro-woman article appeared there (and, BTW, Intel’s apology is useless and their promise to hire more women into their company will be believed AFTER i see it). OMG. Wonder if they’re going to try to take down Buzzfeed. Are they going to go after their editors, threaten to kill their spouses and children like they did to Brianna Wu? And here I was, thinking the “movement” had died. Must be mistaken.

I was also mistaken about Wikipedia. Hard to believe that the company actually cares about women and their struggles with death threats when they’ll let GamerGaters change posts without retribution but DAMN let’s get rid of those feminists! Status quo rules, y’all, and dammit, if management can’t get in a good word for harassers and wanna-be rapists and killers, what are they there for???

I gave you money because I use Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons at work. NEVER AGAIN. It will be painful, but there’s no way I’m using any of your services ever again. I will steer whoever I can far, far away from you. There’s no need to subject my patrons to a site that gives a pass to hate.

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