Cops Shooting Cops–If You’re Not In Uniform, It’s OK

So this is a thing. Yep, that’s right, out-of-control cop shoots undercover cop. Wonder who’s next. Wonder who’s safe. Wonder if they’ll get fired for shooting a cop. Wonder, if the cop dies, whether murder charges will be brought or if they will get promoted. It’s Albuquerque, after all.

I agree with Cassandra Rules. This is yet more evidence that cops shoot people who pose absolutely no threat to them or the public. There was obviously no reason to fill the undercover cop with lead. They were an undercover cop! What, you think they’re going to try to bring the wrath of their fellow cops down on them? They weren’t armed, they weren’t pointing their non-existent guns at their fellow cops, they just signaled for the arrest of the drug dealer and buyer.

I don’t know, maybe the asshole thought the signal to arrest two suspects for $60 worth of meth was actually a gang sign and meant he needed to release WWIII on their ass? What was he thinking? Big bad cop takes down drug dealers and now the public is safer and they deserved their fate because drugs and he probably was scared they were going to gun him down because drugs and he had no choice because drugs and his superiors will lie for him because drugs and he’ll get off scott-free which is just another high for shooting someone because drugs.

This isn’t a “tragic accident”. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Period. There is no excuse. The least the police department could do would be to prosecute this cop. His poor judgement injured another cop–an unarmed undercover cop who would never have been a threat to their fellows in uniform. It also emphasizes how anything can trigger a cop into shooting a suspect, whether they’ve done anything to provoke the cop or not. How can we feel safe around police when you don’t now what’s going to set them off? What’s going to cause them to pull their gun and shoot at you? All the snide advice police apologists give as to how not to get shot are completely obliterated by what happened. Every time a cop shoots an undercover cop, it invalidates the reasoning simply by happening. You can’t tell me that undercover cops are itching to get shot by a fellow cop. They know the culture. They know what they’re supposed to do to not get shot. And they get shot anyway.

It’s getting to the point that cops will shoot anyone and anything, without provocation. It’s beyond time to look closely, rein in the culture, rethink and reevaluate and then implement new rules for conduct, because what’s going on in America is beyond the pale. I don’t want to live in a police state, and that’s where we’re headed.

Oh, BTW, police aren’t infallible. When they murder someone, they should be held accountable, like every other citizen–unless cops think they are above the law. Looks like they’re right on that account. Funny, how public safety takes a back seat to their chest-thumping.  Of course, in New York, the police made the statement that only needed arrests would happen until the end of their hissy fit. Does that mean most of their work is unnecessary? That they’re arresting people just cause? Looks like it. As far as I’m concerned, it looks like New Yorkers are a little safer with the cops off the street.

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