Another Reason Not To Trust Main Stream Media

Wonkette has a juxtaposition of the New York Daily coverage of an MTA worker who was attacked, before and after they found out the attacker was a cop. “Thug” and “hulking brute” are replaced with “alleged attacker”. Language such as this drives how readers view the world, and it doesn’t take long to see how, if the MSM were speaking of a black man, those words would stick. They wouldn’t change to be nicer. They stuck to Michael Brown. They stuck to John Crawford, even though all he ever did was hold a toy gun in a Wal-Mart. They’ve stuck to every black man murdered by police because it’s too easy to get the disinterested general public to listen and vaguely agree.

And now we have a bomb attack on the NAACP offices in Colorado Springs–and who covered that? Oh. Um. Apparently CNN did, 16 hours after the attack happened. OK. Major news outlets? Crickets. How did people find out? Twitter and blogs.

We can’t rely on MSM to give us news anymore. They sugar-coat the terrible stuff the high and mighty do and lambaste those seeking to change the corruption (look at the difference in coverage of banks vs Occupied. Banks caused our financial melt-down but were seen as the backbone of America and if they fell so would we, and really, they ain’t that bad, while the Occupied movement, who asked for regulations so future collapses would be mitigated and a fair shake in American life, became loathsome political terrorists for trying to destroy America).

I’ve noticed time and again that non-traditional news outlets, like blogs, end up with the scoops while the MSM hastily tries to catch up. One of the latest? Steve Scalise, the House Whip, giving a talk to a white supremacist group? Broke by a blogger. When we say Republicans don’t like anyone who has skin darker than vanilla, we mean it, and Scalise is proof. That the GOP establishment still backs him? More proof. And this conversation would have stayed in the dark if not for White. Or how about the Gomeshi scandal? Jesse Brown, an independent journalist who thought mainstream journalism no longer does it job, first brought the scandal to the Toronto Press’s attention because, as he says in the Huffington Post interview, he didn’t have the legal backing to actually run the story himself. I guess that’s a good way to keep shit under wraps; get the MSM to stop investigating stories and run articles instead on the next Miley Cyrus oopsie, and sue into death independent journalists and bloggers who do break important stories. Or focus on fake scandals like Benghazi to keep the masses distracted from reality-based problems that will eventually come to bite them.

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