Very Disappointed, Avicenna

I started following the blog A Million Gods a couple months ago. I found Avecinna’s posts very informative about India and understand its many cultures.

And he plagarized. He claims that accusation was directed to his reluctance to attribute hate mail. Others at freethought blogs claim he lifted whole ideas from others and didn’t attribute them. He is no longer blogging there.

I’m a librarian and, hopefully, future published fantasy author. My husband’s a mathematician in academia. I know how harmful plagarism can be, how harmful denying others their thoughts, claiming them as your own, can be. I can understand not wanting to highlight the authors of hate mail, but it needs to be done. They need to own their words. I can’t understand using other people’s ideas as your own. Think something’s cool? Attribute, then form your own ideas past the original. At least link to it if nothing else. Say you agree.

Man. This really sucks for me.

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