Heina’s Doing The Right Thing

Heina Dadabhoy has pulled support from Sunday Assembly Los Angeles because they are sponsoring Michael Shermer. He’s on a book tour for “The Moral Arc”, where, apparently, he makes a case for logic = morality or something like that.

I’m not reading it. No one who has the past that Shermer has should even consider a book on morality. But, again, it hardly matters how many women speak up and out about his raping them, their voices don’t equal his lone one because he brings in money and they don’t. SALA said they don’t vet speakers, they only vet ideas, because then it doesn’t matter what the speakers have done, how shitty they are, how they’ve treated others, because the focus is on IDEAS.

So are the baby-raping priests going to be on your list of future speakers? Please. You’re having Shermer speak because his fan-boys will bring in the dough. I’d say it’s pathetic he still get this kind of support, but I’m a realist. Of course he does. He and his don’t think of women as human beings, and it’s pretty damn easy to dismiss little ants you’ve stepped on as unimportant.  If they squeal, well, now, you’re the big important skeptic man and who’s going to even think about questioning your authority?

I never read Shermer, or Dawkins, or Harris. I came to my opinions on my own. I don’t have any fan-girl starry-eyed awe to overcome (well, to be fair, I don’t starry-eye over anything) so when these men say stupid things, hurtful things, do terrible things, I’m not going to defend them (Dawkin’s ‘rape ain’t that bad’ and Harris’s contempt of women may not be rape, but it plays into the same ‘women are less’ thinking that allows Shermer’s despicable behavior to continue unabated). That seems to be the sticking point for too many, and it’s not just fans of Shermer. How about Cosby? Saville? Allen? Ghomeshi? Poundstone? (I remember when American Library Association had Poundstone speak after her arrest for child abuse. I was not impressed and felt her presence undermined the conference.)

As Jay Leno said about Cosby:

I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women. You go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25.

The truth is, when there’s power, fame and money involved, no one is going to chastise men for raping women. It’s going to get swept under the rug because a woman’s life is worth a lot less than a dollar.

No More Wikipedia, Even If It Makes My Life More Difficult

The Guardian posted this article talking about how Wikipedia banned five “feminist” editors from changing anything related to GamerGate or anything related to gender. Oh, and they banned GamerGate editors too–only those were accounts created to be banned, no ones actually active and used by GamerGate supporters.

Here we go again.

The tech industry dislikes women. It’s hard not to come to that conclusion over and over and over again. We have GamerGate assholes demanding Intel to pull ads from Gamasutra because a pro-woman article appeared there (and, BTW, Intel’s apology is useless and their promise to hire more women into their company will be believed AFTER i see it). OMG. Wonder if they’re going to try to take down Buzzfeed. Are they going to go after their editors, threaten to kill their spouses and children like they did to Brianna Wu? And here I was, thinking the “movement” had died. Must be mistaken.

I was also mistaken about Wikipedia. Hard to believe that the company actually cares about women and their struggles with death threats when they’ll let GamerGaters change posts without retribution but DAMN let’s get rid of those feminists! Status quo rules, y’all, and dammit, if management can’t get in a good word for harassers and wanna-be rapists and killers, what are they there for???

I gave you money because I use Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons at work. NEVER AGAIN. It will be painful, but there’s no way I’m using any of your services ever again. I will steer whoever I can far, far away from you. There’s no need to subject my patrons to a site that gives a pass to hate.

Cops Shooting Cops–If You’re Not In Uniform, It’s OK

So this is a thing. Yep, that’s right, out-of-control cop shoots undercover cop. Wonder who’s next. Wonder who’s safe. Wonder if they’ll get fired for shooting a cop. Wonder, if the cop dies, whether murder charges will be brought or if they will get promoted. It’s Albuquerque, after all.

I agree with Cassandra Rules. This is yet more evidence that cops shoot people who pose absolutely no threat to them or the public. There was obviously no reason to fill the undercover cop with lead. They were an undercover cop! What, you think they’re going to try to bring the wrath of their fellow cops down on them? They weren’t armed, they weren’t pointing their non-existent guns at their fellow cops, they just signaled for the arrest of the drug dealer and buyer.

I don’t know, maybe the asshole thought the signal to arrest two suspects for $60 worth of meth was actually a gang sign and meant he needed to release WWIII on their ass? What was he thinking? Big bad cop takes down drug dealers and now the public is safer and they deserved their fate because drugs and he probably was scared they were going to gun him down because drugs and he had no choice because drugs and his superiors will lie for him because drugs and he’ll get off scott-free which is just another high for shooting someone because drugs.

This isn’t a “tragic accident”. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Period. There is no excuse. The least the police department could do would be to prosecute this cop. His poor judgement injured another cop–an unarmed undercover cop who would never have been a threat to their fellows in uniform. It also emphasizes how anything can trigger a cop into shooting a suspect, whether they’ve done anything to provoke the cop or not. How can we feel safe around police when you don’t now what’s going to set them off? What’s going to cause them to pull their gun and shoot at you? All the snide advice police apologists give as to how not to get shot are completely obliterated by what happened. Every time a cop shoots an undercover cop, it invalidates the reasoning simply by happening. You can’t tell me that undercover cops are itching to get shot by a fellow cop. They know the culture. They know what they’re supposed to do to not get shot. And they get shot anyway.

It’s getting to the point that cops will shoot anyone and anything, without provocation. It’s beyond time to look closely, rein in the culture, rethink and reevaluate and then implement new rules for conduct, because what’s going on in America is beyond the pale. I don’t want to live in a police state, and that’s where we’re headed.

Oh, BTW, police aren’t infallible. When they murder someone, they should be held accountable, like every other citizen–unless cops think they are above the law. Looks like they’re right on that account. Funny, how public safety takes a back seat to their chest-thumping.  Of course, in New York, the police made the statement that only needed arrests would happen until the end of their hissy fit. Does that mean most of their work is unnecessary? That they’re arresting people just cause? Looks like it. As far as I’m concerned, it looks like New Yorkers are a little safer with the cops off the street.

Another Reason Not To Trust Main Stream Media

Wonkette has a juxtaposition of the New York Daily coverage of an MTA worker who was attacked, before and after they found out the attacker was a cop. “Thug” and “hulking brute” are replaced with “alleged attacker”. Language such as this drives how readers view the world, and it doesn’t take long to see how, if the MSM were speaking of a black man, those words would stick. They wouldn’t change to be nicer. They stuck to Michael Brown. They stuck to John Crawford, even though all he ever did was hold a toy gun in a Wal-Mart. They’ve stuck to every black man murdered by police because it’s too easy to get the disinterested general public to listen and vaguely agree.

And now we have a bomb attack on the NAACP offices in Colorado Springs–and who covered that? Oh. Um. Apparently CNN did, 16 hours after the attack happened. OK. Major news outlets? Crickets. How did people find out? Twitter and blogs.

We can’t rely on MSM to give us news anymore. They sugar-coat the terrible stuff the high and mighty do and lambaste those seeking to change the corruption (look at the difference in coverage of banks vs Occupied. Banks caused our financial melt-down but were seen as the backbone of America and if they fell so would we, and really, they ain’t that bad, while the Occupied movement, who asked for regulations so future collapses would be mitigated and a fair shake in American life, became loathsome political terrorists for trying to destroy America).

I’ve noticed time and again that non-traditional news outlets, like blogs, end up with the scoops while the MSM hastily tries to catch up. One of the latest? Steve Scalise, the House Whip, giving a talk to a white supremacist group? Broke by a blogger. When we say Republicans don’t like anyone who has skin darker than vanilla, we mean it, and Scalise is proof. That the GOP establishment still backs him? More proof. And this conversation would have stayed in the dark if not for White. Or how about the Gomeshi scandal? Jesse Brown, an independent journalist who thought mainstream journalism no longer does it job, first brought the scandal to the Toronto Press’s attention because, as he says in the Huffington Post interview, he didn’t have the legal backing to actually run the story himself. I guess that’s a good way to keep shit under wraps; get the MSM to stop investigating stories and run articles instead on the next Miley Cyrus oopsie, and sue into death independent journalists and bloggers who do break important stories. Or focus on fake scandals like Benghazi to keep the masses distracted from reality-based problems that will eventually come to bite them.

Very Disappointed, Avicenna

I started following the blog A Million Gods a couple months ago. I found Avecinna’s posts very informative about India and understand its many cultures.

And he plagarized. He claims that accusation was directed to his reluctance to attribute hate mail. Others at freethought blogs claim he lifted whole ideas from others and didn’t attribute them. He is no longer blogging there.

I’m a librarian and, hopefully, future published fantasy author. My husband’s a mathematician in academia. I know how harmful plagarism can be, how harmful denying others their thoughts, claiming them as your own, can be. I can understand not wanting to highlight the authors of hate mail, but it needs to be done. They need to own their words. I can’t understand using other people’s ideas as your own. Think something’s cool? Attribute, then form your own ideas past the original. At least link to it if nothing else. Say you agree.

Man. This really sucks for me.