Dawkins and Elam

Paul Elam was absolutely furious that Dawkins, at a talk at Kennesaw State, had the audacity to say,

I didn’t, I hardly knew–is there  men’s rights movement? If there is discrimintion against men, that’s bad too. I don’t know whether there is. I haven’t heard of it.

Elam may be upset, but Dawkins is pretty consistent if you think about it. He rates the severeity of chid molestation, rates the severity of misogyny, and here he is again, rating the severity of male oppression. He just hasn’t culturally seen it and certainly seems to find the idea ridiulous.

I don’t think Dawkins is going to read what Elam’s said and follow him down the rabbit hole, but I’ve been wrong about him before. Still, being told that he’s too much an ivory-tower academic doesn’t seem to me to be a good argument to use–especially since he has lot and lots of fan-boys.

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