That Didn’t Take Long–Of Course The Judge Reverses The Ray Rice Punishment

So you hit your fiancée, knock her out on camera, and get fired because you are a violent asshole. Then you protest that you shouldn’t have been fired, that a two-game suspension is really all the punishment you need. And the court of law agrees.

Attempted murder (you can very easily kill someone with a blow to the head)? Aggravated assault? Oh, I forgot, his girlfriend hit him too–only she didn’t punch him so hard he hit the ground and stayed there. It makes everything all right. It makes punishing him twice for the same thing bad bad bad. So yeah–go ahead, play for another NFL team. We all know that, when money and power is involved, you can pretty much get away with anything as long as you remain a viable cash cow.

This lack of interest in women’s ability to remain unabused leads to incidents like this. Men, somehow, get the idea that they can do anything they like to a woman and get away with it, because that’s what they see in the news, that’s what they hear from friends. And if anyone interferes with their ability to take what they want? They’re killed–especially if it’s a woman who tries to stop them.

It also makes assholes like Julien Blanc a viable resource for men wanting to attack women to get sex. He’s a self-proclaimed pick-up artist who trains men to stick women’s heads in their crotches to get them turned on enough to have sex–or, really, get them scared enough not to piss off the unstable guy who stuck their head in his crotch, and they give him sex to prevent being battered and/or killed. Of course, even NPR doesn’t think he’s that dangerous, despite the fact pictures of him choking women went viral. The title of their article about Britain and Australia denying Blanc entry to their country/taking away his visa is “U.K. to Deny Entry To Controversial U.S. Dating Guru”.

Controversial dating guru?

I see. If a man is a rape coach to thousands of other men, he’s just a controversial dating guru. When you see women as less, you can excuse the rape part.

Ray Rice and his violence plays so prettily into this culture, because, when it comes down to it, he hasn’t been punished at all for knocking out his then-fiacée. ESPN even claims 4 teams are looking at him. His millions will return and he will live in the lap of luxury again–because, even if women fans of football protest (and a few men) the NFL will jut point to the courts and say, “Our hands are tied.” Everything returns to normal. Boys can begin to look up to Rice again, and dream of becoming just like him. Abusers needing reasons to keep abusing, needing excuses to hit and kill, can nod and internalize the fact that, even if you’re caught on tape, you’ll likely receive no punishment in return for beating the shit out of a woman. When it comes down to it, America just doesn’t care about the fair sex.

Glancing through articles and blogs about the verdict, I read a blog post gloating over Rice’s return, happy that Roger Goodell had his ass handed to him. Thank the non-existent gods we have men like that supporting abusers, because without them, women might actually begin to think themselves human.

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