Pay to Play–I Mean Pray–I Mean Get Buried


This is what I think of when I think of Christianity. Greed and extreme selfishness that morphs into cruelty.

It hardly surprises me the pastor claims the 93 year-old woman was no longer a member of his church because she didn’t give him enough money–despite having tithed for the last 50 years or so. Those past decades of tithes meant nothing because she missed the last two years of paying her church money. Due to illness, the woman was either in a nursing home, the hospital or in a coma. How could she have paid? Oh, the preacher has the perfect suggestion–her family should have pitched in a dollar or so–or likely more because he would have demanded it–every month she could not.

Fucking greedy bastard. Any way to exploit the masses will be jumped upon. Who knows. Maybe he has a mansion to upkeep or something, like so many other preachers.

I live in SoCal. We have megachurches everywhere, where one must spend thousands of dollars to become, and remain, a member. We have everyday churches that yearn for those kinds of funds, either for greed or need (likely both), and that charge a couple hundred dollars to become a member, with a yearly fee after that–on top of the weekly tithe. Money runs religion and those profiting from it have to find some way to make more–and exploiting the elderly and poor and desperate, pretending to pray for them while reaping the benefits of millions of dollars to do so (televangelists anyone?) is a handy way to get funds. I’m very anti-religion, but my boss is not–and he could not find an evangelical church that suited his needs that didn’t require him to pay a couple hundred dollars a year for each member of his family who would belong to it. He doesn’t have that kind of money, so his family doesn’t have a church.

I guess God hates him. Not as much as a 93-year-old woman who didn’t give His follower his due, but close.

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