What the News Didn’t Include About the Harassment of Chloe and Sarahanne Trestman

So Marc Trestman, the Chigaco Bears’ head coach, had a tough night. So did his team. They lost resoundingly to the Green Bay Packers.

Which means twitter psychopaths feel they must leap at the opportunity to send rape and death threats to Trestman’s daughters. Oh, they called him a “faggot” and said heads will roll, but the man received nothing near the frightening messages his daughters, who are not involved with the team and have no influence over how players play football, did.

I perused the news for info. What struck me, hard, was the fact that they tamed down the scary shit the women received. For instance:

dont let me catch you walking alone @chloT94

— 2ND (@SonBateman) November 10, 2014

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Trestmans-Daughters-Threatened-via-Twitter-After-Bears-Loss-282216911.html#ixzz3ImMTHUgk

OK. Scary, but not this:

@SonBateman@chloT94 I would rape the shit out of her

— Pumpkin Fucker (@ELNEIGHBORADOR) November 10, 2014

@ELNEIGHBORADOR@chloT94 I would fucking eat her remains

— 2ND (@SonBateman) November 10, 2014

@ELNEIGHBORADOR@chloT94 im going to roll around in and drIInk her fucking blood

— 2ND (@SonBateman) November 10, 2014

Until the main stream media (MSM) news actually covers the real awful, disgusting shit, it will remain the work of a few blogs to point it out. The majority of regular people, who hear about this kind of behavior in passing, still think internet trolls are harmless, just angry people with a one-off. When those people actually get to read the deep vitriol, the threats, when they are exposed to the absolutely disgusting and terrifying things Tweeted at other normal people, it will be easy to change their minds about the harassment that goes on–make them think about what kind of person could possibly send this type of tweet.

MSM, stop being complicit. Every opportunity to expose the horrendous nature of on-line harassment that you ignore is giving tacit approval to these monsters to continue what they do.

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