So Now Adobe…

First Intel, and now Adobe. Adobe has pulled back from Gawker because one of their writers made sarcastic, satirical, critical comments about #gamergate.

Way to go, Adobe! We can now add another company to the long list of companies that think women are inferior beings who deserve all the shit heaped upon them that men can deliver. Beat them down, silence them, make this world a better place for the men-boys out there, right? Men aren’t the only users of your products, you know. Some of us have to swallow our pride and use them at work–because, through your actions, it’s quite clear that the women who use your programs are considered second-class citizens by your company. What could be more pleasing to #gamergate trolls than forcing women to use a product that is created by a company that supports the hate towards, the rape and death threats, and the doxxing of women?

The longer tech industries refuse to speak about #gamergate, the less likely it is for the rest of the sane world to believe these companies don’t hate women. Refusing to speak is tacit approval to these people. Are you, as big strong wealthy companies, so concerned a few trolls are going to take you down that you have to remain silent? DO you have to withdraw support from websites because #gamergate trolls threw a hissy fit? What chance does the average woman have against these assholes if a huge company with a horde of techies on the staff is too afraid of retaliation to say something?

Or, and I think this is more likely, the men running these companies agree with #gamergate–women are contemptible. I mean, who hires women in tech? Who promotes them? Who’s in charge of their raises? Men who don’t think they’re worth much. Considering how few women there are in tech, considering how women who are in tech are treated, considering the much lower pay tech women get than men, it seems those who run tech companies really don’t like women that much. They have something in common with #gamergate trolls right there, and it’s hardly surprising they take the side of hate. They do it on a daily basis at work.

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