Terrorist Threatens Anita Sarkeesian and Utah State

Here is a link that has the full e-mail received by individuals working for Utah State University. It was sent from a deranged lunatic demanding they cancel an appearance by Anita Sarkeesian. Wonder if he’s ever said something similar in chat rooms or on internet forums. Wonder how many agree with him. Wonder if the NSA has any records on this asshole, considering they supposedly spy on American citizens all day every day. Wonder if they might not share info with local police, or the FBI, or some agency who can nab this person.

Or, as usual, domestic terrorists are ignored and those awesome spy agencies target social justice protestors and the like because they are the true terrors, am I right?

Granted, it could be, and likely is, a hoax on the part of the terrorist. Unfortunately, if he does not carry through, others might. Someone said it–makes it legit. And people will shrug and claim that it’s another not-preventable school massacre because the NRA told them to think that. America is really, really screwed.

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