I Will Never Stand Down, Christina Hoff Sommers. Never.

Dear Christina Hoff Sommers,

I will not stand down.  I will not be quiet. I will not sit down and shut up, as you seem to think all good little girls should. I will speak my experience, and frankly, that experience with video games does include a great deal of sexism, racism and violence in gameplay.  It does not mean I hate those video games, on the contrary, I enjoy playing quite a few of them, but I believe game creators can do lots better when it comes to content.

Our beloved “hipster” reviewer (and I do wonder if you realize exactly what hipster means), Anita Sarkeesian, has played so so many video games, and not just the CoD and GTA series that you mention. She had pointed out that depicting gendered violence over and over and over again makes it seem normal, expected. It reinforces attitudes that women are disposable sex objects and nothing more, that it’s ok to beat and rape them because everyone else is doing it, and even if they aren’t, they approve.

Boys will be boys is a terrible idea to uphold. It leads to so many horrible things in our society, like harassment, rape, domestic violence, racism, and more. It gives males a free pass to do whatever they like to whomever they wish, and expect no punishment in return, while those who suffer at their hands must endure shame, violence, and worse with no recourse.

Oh, BTW, just stating that video games aren’t sexist, rather than proving it, does not answer the question that titles your video. You should know better, having been a philosophy professor, but the sloppiness, and the ad hominim attacks, etc., are pretty typical for an American Enteprise Institute hack. I would have thought Brandeis would teach their students better than this, but when there’s a ton of money and influence to be made by shitty logic, I suppose that’s too great a pull.

Lucky for us Jonathan Mann has an excellent rebuttal.

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