Why Do You Have To See The Violence Before You Do Something?

TMZ has shamed the main stream media (MSM). They have shamed the NFL. It never should have come to this. It never should have been an issue. (I’m not going to link to the video, but it’s easy to find.)

The NFL was rightly castigated for the two-game suspension of Ray Rice after video showed him dragging his then-girlfriend from an elevator, unconscious. Of course, that suspension only came after the video was released and public outcry for some form of punishment ensued. It was far too little far too late.

Now we have video of the actual punch that knocked her out.

Why is it, that you have to actually see the violence before you’re willing to believe it? Why does it take the outrage of the general public before the NFL does the right thing? Money speaks louder than outrage, though, and when they thought they could still make money off Rice’s name, they tried to brush the incident under the table. it was not easy, because we have a visual of the after-effects of violence, and people did not forget.

And TMZ made certain the general public revisited their outrage and anger. MSM could not hide either. Shouldn’t one of the networks have actually tried to practice journalism and find that video? Apparently not. It’s far more important to keep the status quo, and the money, that trails along with it.

I’ve read a few articles about Janay Rice defending her husband, upset that people are ruining their lives. She is upset that Rice’s career is in the toilet because of the need for ratings. It is terrible that the life she tried to built is falling apart, but from my perspective, it’s necessary for Rice to receive punishment for criminal acts. The NFL is billed as a positive role model for boys. Work hard, be rewarded. Players work with and promote charities to help kids. Pretending to be a positive influence in a child’s life while supporting a man who, through video, we know knocked out his fiance with one punch, is ludicrous. How many of those kids get to see their father beat their mother every night? How many of them heard about Rice’s initial punishment and wondered if their mother deserved the abuse, since those “in charge” of the NFL thought such occurrences a trivial happenstance?

I also have to wonder if Rice is taking all of this out on her–experience with abusers in my own life would indicate he is. After all, from an abuser’s perspective, it’s her fault he got fired. Victim blaming is a huge part of the perpetrator’s excuse for violence, and if he believes she is the root cause of what is happening now, he will beat the shit out of her for it. That’s what abusers do, just like victims defending their abuser is what victims do. 

I believe NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to step down. “He’s ineffective” is a charitable description. And Raven’s owner Steve Bisciotti, general manager Ozzie Newsome, coach John Harbaugh and team president Dick Cass all need to have their asses handed to them. A man drags his unconscious fiancee from an elevator, and it’s obvious from police reports he knocked her out, and they don’t put two and two together and think about what it’s like to have a much larger man punch his then-fiancee senseless? Really? All-consuming money talks, and the only reason Rice merchandise is getting pulled now is because he’s become a liability; they are unable to hide the incident behind the closet door anymore.

According to ESPN, “Teams were notified that any contract with Rice would not be approved or take effect until further direction is provided by Goodell, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.” Let’s see. Richie Incognito’s been green-lighted to play as a free agent, so it’ll just be a matter of time before NFL decided to give Rice another chance–after the initial furor has died down. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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