Women vs Women


I never realized how many women are satisfied with getting paid less than men, getting treated as little more than sex objects or baby factories, being denied jobs they are qualified for based on gender, getting assaulted then blamed for it… the list goes on.  What does it say about a movement whose adherents proudly proclaim that since their boyfriend doesn’t beat them, there’s no need for feminism. Yay. High bar there, ladies.

Also says something about their empathy that, because it doesn’t happen to them, it’s not a problem. Only it does happen to them–low wages, denial of jobs,  etc.–they just don’t care. Inequality is status quo and that is just fine and dandy. No need for change. Ever.

4 responses to “Women vs Women

  1. It’s sad that feminists will jump on the most blatantly stupid examples of #WomenAgainstFeminism while ignoring the valid critiques being put forward.

    Can we get more dialogue and less dogma up in this heezy? Kthxbai.


    • Really? Which critiques? Jessica Valenti has a great response, pointing out that for American culture, claiming one is a victim implies weakness, and that women, like Cathy Young play on this. She also says:

      But denying that women are a victimized class is simply wrong. What else would you call a segment of the population who are systematically discriminated against in school, work and politics? How would you describe a population whose bodies are objectified to the point of dehumanization? Women are harassed, attacked and sexually assaulted with alarming regularity in America and around the world, and now even more of them live in states where, if pregnant, they can be refused medical attention or arrested for refusing C-sections.

      People who are on the shit end of oppression are oppressed. Accurately describing this is not a matter of politics, but of truth.

      Does Valentini claim women are victims, therefore weak? Nope. But that hardly keeps others from claiming that exact thing.

      Untruthful stereotypes about feminism abound, and when your critique is all about those, it’s a pointless debate because it’s based on strawmen arguments–just like the “Feminists think women are victims and therefore weak, I’m not a victim or weak, therefore I’m not a feminist”. What I’ve read of #WomenAgainstFeminism contains strawmen arguments.


      • There are plenty of other (legitimate) issues being raised, by people who:

        – Do not want their sex or identity to be politicized.

        – Do not believe that first-world women are victims in any institutionalized sense (there’s certainly room for argument here).

        – Do not accept the hyperbolic feminist rhetoric of ALL WOMEN when it in practice it serves a narrow, first-world demographic.

        – Recognize feminism as an ideology, not a principle.

        – Are sick of the notion that gender equality cannot exist outside of ideological bounds.

        – See an unpleasant streak of self-righteousness and dogmatism in the application of modern feminism as both an identity and an ideology.

        – See the increasingly polarized, us-vs-them tribalism of modern feminism (most focused on certain feminist’s rhetoric towards men, while others note the unforgiving and self-righteous attitudes feminism takes towards women who don’t conform to the ‘strong empowered feminist’ identity)

        – Are alienated by rhetoric that often demonizes and/or trivializes men and women who occupy traditional gender roles.

        I could go on. But really, all you’d need to do is read the feminist backlash against Women Against Feminism to understand why feminism has such a PR problem. It’s hard to take claims of “feminism is for all women” seriously while feminist internet warriors swarm Buzzfeed and Salon to trivialize and ridicule an entire group of women simply for holding contrarian opinions.


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