Dimalique’s Disgust at the Supreme Court

The Hobby Lobby victory, where SCOTUS has told me that my employer’s corporation has more rights than I have, is the impetus for this blog, though not the only factor in its creation. The time for silence, for sitting on the sidelines doing what you can locally, is over. I am lending my voice to millions of other women who are screaming into the night that they matter, that their choices should be respected, no matter what those choices may be. Birth control is just the next item in a long, long list of ways the frightened patriarchal status quo try to regain their power. They believe their voice is the only voice, and silencing everyone else is in their best interest, even if their actions actively harm others. As long as they can exert their influence into people’s private lives, any damage done is an acceptable loss. Control is everything.

I take a birth control shot (however inadequate it is compared to the pill) because the menstrual cramps are so bad I throw up otherwise. Working is terribly difficult when you’re in the restroom hunched over a toilet all day. That sort of health issue is actively ignored by those who think the Hobby Lobby decision is a victory. Punishing women with pain for being women is all in a day’s work for these people because the Bible says women should be punished with pain. ‘Nuf said. What is even crueler? Preventing a woman who has ovarian cysts from getting the medicine she needs so, in the future, she may still be capable of having children–or even living. It shows the hypocrisy of these religious types, that they prefer to deny a woman the meds she needs to have children while claiming that they only want to save the lives of unborn children. They obviously have no care for those potential children in the ovarian cyst case, since they actively try to make certain they are not born, so it seems very unlikely they actually care about the few cells in other women that will eventually turn into children once born. No, they care about control, telling others what to do, despite the harm it causes.

The high court has singled me, and every other woman, out for specialized treatment due to our gender. The Hobby Lobby case focused solely on lies about how birth control actually works, and those lies trumped truth. Here I thought that bearing false witness was a grave enough sin that it figures in the 10 Commandments–rules the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, claims to follow, but apparently only does so when it’s convenient. Following the Word of his Lord proves very inconvenient when greed is the motive–after all, money is God, correct?

And Steve Green plans to be paid very well for creating his 4 year high school course on the Bible. Of course, just because Mustang, Oklahoma has decided to adopt the course despite the fact it’s not even completed yet does not mean they are setting precedent for the rest of the country–though Green thinks so. He has seen the billions Pearson makes by selling their testing products to K-12 schools and decided to get in on that action.

Again, greed. Again, the want to destroy lives (this time the future of the children attending public schools in Mustang, OK) as long as it puts an extra dime or three million into an offshore bank account.

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